Hella Slingshot - Wooden Bear Slingshot + Multicolored Felt Ammo

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This Hella Slingshot is the real deal. Each one-of-a-kind wooden slingshot is hand-carved and painted in the likeness of a powerful wild beast, and outfitted with a vegan leather projectile pouch using latex tubing. Included is a pack of 12 wool felt balls. So grab one, head outside, and cause some mischief.

Trash Swag Inc., will donate 3% for every Hella Slingshot purchase to Face Autism Inc. An organization we proudly support in our local Florida community.


Icons made by [Freepik] from www.flaticon.com  Icons made by [Smashicons] from www.flaticon.comIcon made by [Freepik] from www.flaticon.com    

Icons made by [Freepik & Smashicons] from www.flaticon.com