Our Partners

Here at Trash Swag Inc. we believe in the motto “scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”! That means we proudly support other brands, makers, and artist that are producing unique recycled, upcycled, eco-friendly, or socially responsible products.

Trash Swag suppliers and manufacturers are what we call “Do Gooders” their products and services create a social benefit or gives back to local, national, or worldwide environmental sustainability efforts. We can try to make the world a better place alone but here at Trash Swag we prefer to do it collectively.


Look for the following Icons to see what each product represents.

 Indicates that products are made from recycled materials or products are made from up-cycling post consumer trash.

 Indicates that products are eco friendly and not harmful to the environment.

 Indicates that a product is socially responsible which is an ethical framework in which an individual, organization, or entity provides a benefit which serves society at large. 

Indicates that a product is handmade.

Indicates that a product is made in the United States of America.

Icons made by [Freepik] from www.flaticon.com 


Learn more about our partners and if you are a maker or artist and would like Trash Swag to carry your brand/products please contact us at: desiree@trashswag.shop


Our Do Gooders

Recover– Recover believes collaboration is the key for making an impact and for creating a more sustainable future. That’s why Trash Swag Inc. co brands with Recover to produce high quality, environmental friendly, socially responsible, and sustainable apparel. 100% Recycled, No Chemicals, No Dyes, No Wastewater! Keeping their roots at heart, Recover initiatives donate to protecting our National Parks in the USA!


Katie Booth – Meet our local freelance graphic design artist. Katie Booth keeps Trash Swag designs fresh with the ocean and environmental impact in the forefront of her work. To see more of her designs follow this link: https://www.katiebooth.com/projects


Eco Kids– Eco-Kids is a family run business that produces all natural art supplies. Their mantra “creative play the natural way”! Eco-Kids uses nontoxic all natural ingredients to develop environmentally friendly art products from their home to yours!


Cheengo– Cheengo specializes in modern hand-crafted toys and accessories for infants and children. Their hand made products are ethically produced and sourced using natural maple wood, bamboo, and organic cotton by artisan men and women around the world. Cheengo initiatives provide men and women throughout rural China, Nepal, and Lativa the opportunity to tell their cultural story in a work environment that provides fair wages, safe work environments, flexible hours, training, and education while creating one of a kind toys.


Hella Slingshot– Hella Slingshots are handcrafted sling shots that are sure to spark your inner child and fill your heart with pure joy! Trash Swag buys the off cuts which we consider Up-Cycled providing every sling shot a fighting chance to be great. Trash Swag also donates 2% to local organization Face Autism for every Hella Slingshot purchased.


Soprano Labs– Soprano Labs is a family owned business creating All Natural Handmade Bath and Body products. Their homemade crafted products are produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality and standards free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, and petroleum. Soprano Labs environmentally friendly and cruelty free vegan soaps will leave you in body bliss!


Crux Supply– Crux Supply is on a mission to develop the best skincare and grooming products for men. Using only the finest ingredients nature provides their all natural, organic, and environmentally friendly products are produced for men with integrity. Formulated and crafted in small batches, your man won’t be disappointed!


Restrung Jewelry– Up-Cycled at its best! Owner Naomi Celestin has created a personalized jewelry brand that focuses on taking used guitar strings and semi-precious gemstones and crafting them into lovely bangles, bracelets, and necklaces. Re-Strung donates a portion of their profits to The New Orleans Musicians Clinic.


Woven Pear– The Wooven Pear believes that happiness is only a foot away ; )These soft, comfortable, fun, and flirty socks are sure to liven up your day, everyday! Developed to empower women to put their best foot forward these socks are hand dipped and dyed to ensure they are bright, bubbly, and outgoing! Wooven Pear initiatives pay it forward by donating socks to those in need.


Art of Melodious– Owner/Artist Melodie Burns believes in putting all that she loves into all that she makes. Her hand painted greeting cards are sure to make someone you love smile. Printed using eco-friendly recycled paper stock you will feel 100% about sending these unique cards instead of an email for any occasion or just because.


We Dream in Colour– Empowered by an awesome team of women, We Dream in Colour takes environment and socially conscious fashion to the next level! Their vintage and antique influenced jewelry pieces are handmade, hammered, and painted using repurposed materials and earth friendly processes.  We Dream in Colour initiatives donates 1% For the Planet.