Give Back

Trash Swag Inc. proudly supports the Ocean Conservancy!


Just like the Ocean Conservancy, Trash Swag’s love for the ocean is infinite! In an effort to fight ocean plastic pollution, acidification, climate change, and support sustainable fisheries, Trash Swag Inc. will donate 5% of profits each year to the Ocean Conservancy.


This means that every purchase contributes to the protection, sustainability, and future of our oceans, sea life, and beaches for generations to come!
Learn more about our nonprofit of choice here:

Other NonProfits We Support

When shopping on Trash Swag look for other nonprofits we support under each product description. In efforts to support our local community and organizations you will find that Trash Swag will create speciality tees and merchandise throughout the year to raise money for these special and incredibly important nonprofits.
You will also find that most of our makers and artists give back to an organization of choice making every purchase transparent with a common goal of GOOD in mind! 

Isn't it awesome to shop for RAD SWAG and know that YOU purchased a product that created an IMPACT!