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Washed Ashore Exhibit


Washed Ashore Exhibit at Mote Marine 

If you’re a local to Sarasota, Florida then you know that Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium is a nonprofit marine research institution that is committed to ocean conservation and sustainability efforts driven by research and education. Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium focuses on conservation and restoration efforts that help replenish and heal our oceans and their ecosystems through life improving science and giving solutions.  

In their latest efforts to enhance marine literacy and create good stewards of the ocean, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium exhibited “Sea Debris: Awareness through Art”, featuring Washed Ashore (

Washed Ashore creates ART to SAVE the Sea!

These gigantic marine inspired sculptures are created from plastic debris collected along the Oregon coastline. Ranging from 15ft long and 10ft wide, these plastic pollution sea monsters are a realistic take on how post-consumer plastic is affecting our oceans, marine life, and environment.

  • According to Mote Marine biologists in 2015, (2-13) pieces of plastic particles were found in the intestines 72% of sea turtle hatchlings (Isaacson, 2017).

Lucky for me I was invited by my son’s school to chaperone on a field trip to Mote Marine while the Washed Ashore exhibit was showcasing. Here are some fun photos of my son Liam, his classmates, and myself.

Follow this link to find out more about WashedAshore.Org and their traveling plastic trash exhibition. 

The time for change is now and every single person on this planet has the opportunity to change the earth’s makeup and preserve its natural beauty for years to come.



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