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On September 30th, Sensi Graves Bikinis is launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the transition to all recycled fabrics in their 2020 line. Backers on this campaign will allow Sensi Bikinis to double down on their commitment to being a 100% transparent, ethical, and sustainable brand.

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On Saturday October 5, 2018, I had the pleasure of joining the Longboat Key Turtle Watch in a coastal cleanup effort while representing Trash Swag Inc. The Longboat Key Turtle Watch is a not-for-profit permitted with the Florida Wildlife Commission under Mote Marine Laboratory, and is authorized perform activities associated with Sea Turtle nesting. The LBKTW  volunteers comb the beach looking for signs of new nesting, disturbed nests, and to remove trash/debris from the coastline and sea oats that could potentially harm sea turtles during nesting.

Educational and Inspiring, here is why "Everyone Should Volunteer a Morning with Longboat Key Turtle Watch"!

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With the rise of plastic pollution inundating the world’s oceans at about 18 billion pounds per year, cities around the world are working to change the tide with their “Ban the Straw!” call to action.

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Devastated by the vast amount of garbage she witnessed (plastic bags, water bottles, single use plastic utensils, etc.), Caroline Powers an underwater photographer described the area between the islands of Roatan and Cayos Cochinos, off the coast of Honduras as a “sea of human waste, slowing choking the ocean surface” (Malloy, 2017).



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Trash Swag Inc. is a great way to stay eco-friendly and stylish. Check us out on ABC 7 Suncoast View!


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